True Gem for Photographers

Lang Family Portraits

Keep this a secret and don’t tell ANYONE. There is an amazing gem hidden in a suburb of Columbus. It’s the Inniswood Metro Park in Westerville. This place is a photographer’s dream especially for portrait work. It has a waterfall, an extensive rose garden, children’s areas, a music shell, and walking maze. Of course, this place isn’t a secret based on the number of photographers I’ve seen there the past few times I’ve gone. At times, you have to wait in line to get photos at some of these places.

I loved the collapsed building at the center of the maze. There’s a small water fountain there along with lots of interesting plants and the crumbling walls. Someone did a magnificent job designing this place.

This is the third year for getting my niece and nephew’s portraits. This time I included my sister and brother-in-law. We had so much fun getting set up for the photos and I think that we got some really good ones. I did get some images that just showed my sister and brother-in-law laughing with each other. It was a really nice unguarded moment which turned out great.


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