About Me

Visiting Pazapa in Jacmel, Haiti

Welcome to my Photo Blog. I believe that photography reveals as much about the photographer as it does about the subject.  These are images that I am capturing and adding to my collection.  I want to share these with you and also give you a little back story on the photo.I love doing portraits.  To me, faces are so interesting. No two are alike in all the world and each one has its own unique beauty.  Photography is about capturing light and as a photographer, you must really study the light around you to understand its qualities and how it illuminates your subject. However, I’m not going to limit myself to just portraits.  I hope to catch glimpses of interesting visuals and start seeing in a different way.

My undergraduate degree is in Journalism from The Ohio State University.  While I was there I took photojournalism classes and loved making images every day.  Through that experience, I got to meet some truly interesting people and it sparked my desire to continue capturing images of people.  Recently, I wanted to learn more about off-camera lighting and doing portraits.  Thanks to David Hobby and the strobist.com blog I learned so much about how to set up and light a subject.  I also try to learn from each photo that I take to be better.  What worked, what didn’t and how could I change what I do to improve.  I invite feedback and comments.  What do you like? What don’t you like?  How would it be a better image?  I learned long ago to divorce my ego from my work to accept constructive criticism without feeling that it’s personal (Thank you Rosemary Armao, wherever you are.  You were a great Journalism instructor).

I hope that you enjoy my work.



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