Darr Family Portraits

Darr Family Portrait

Two postings in two days, but that’s how it goes sometimes. As I said in my last posting, I’ve been shooting more portraits lately and that’s perfect for me. I love doing portrait work. And it was especially fun working with this family.

I’ve been photographing their son since before he made his entrance into the world. And I hope that continues long into the future. He’s such a cute kid and you can see the ornery coming out of his eyes at times. In the image with the park bench, he climbed up on it and went through a series of poses without any inhibitions (of course at his age, he hasn’t learned any).

These images were also taken at the same park where I shot Ian’s Senior Portraits. As I said earlier, this is such a beautiful park. I had to laugh to myself though. It’s senior portrait time and there must have been 10 photographers and their subjects at the park that day. At one point several of us were grouped around the entrance to the park waiting for our clients. It reminded me of a press conference with all that photographic gear. I gotta say though, photographers are a fun bunch to hang around. We’ll strike up a conversation with anyone and if you are carrying a camera we end up talking gear and images.


McGuffey Lane Concert

McGuffey Lane Concert

We went to the McGuffey Lane fund raiser concert last night. There was a pretty good sized crowd in attendance. This was the 5th year that they have held this concert and McGuffey Lane kept up the pace all nightl. They also had the Buckeye Brass Band play during the break between the first and second sets. (Where else but in Central Ohio would you get a country rock concert and Marching Band Music? We love our Ohio State Buckeyes here.)

For those of you outside of the Central Ohio area, McGuffey Lane was (and still is) a very popular local country rock group. They reached their heyday back when country/bluegrass/western music became popular in the late 70s and early 80s. They had one really big album and a second album that was much less successful. The toured with the Charlie Daniels Band, the Judds, and the Allman Brothers.

In 1984 the keyboard player Tebes Douglass was killed in a car crash and the group never seemed to recover. They broke up in 1990, but John Schwab and the some of the remaining members of the group continues to play local concerts and fund raisers. Their current play list includes some new work as well as their favorites from that first album. They always put on a good show.

The weather was perfect for the evening and my friends who went to the show had a lot of laughs. Being a photographer, I’m a people watcher. I love faces and love to check the crowd. One of the audience members (who I called the band leader) was running around crowd dancing with any woman he could find. He also loved to jump on a chair and encourage the crowd to clap and sing along. He seemed to be having a great time.

Summer is definitely on the wane here in Ohio. You can start to feel and smell autumn in the air. The plants are starting to dry out and the leaves have started to change color. That means one thing: Football season and shooting more outdoor portraits showing off the autumn colors. I’m excited for both.

Fall Photo Fun

Nathan and Zoe

Children grow and change so quickly.  It seems that just about the time you’ve figured them out, they’ve grown and have figured out more of the world around them.

I’m most intrigued by children who are 6-10 years old.  They are the worlds’ idealists. They see everything as a wonderful new thing to explore and learn about.  They are not afraid to be silly and run, jump and play.  Life, for the most part is ideal for them– all of their cares are filled by someone.  They get to sit in a classroom and learn about all kinds of new bits of the world.  I know that this is not the case for all children, for many children, the world is a dark and dangerous place.  Their needs are not met, they scrape to get enough food to fill their bellies.  They see adults as the source of pain and unhappiness.  But for the fortunate ones, life can be very good.

This image was made for my sister of her children.  Both are wonderful, brilliant kids.  The world is magical for them.  They are loved and cared for.  I’ve enjoyed being around them cause they are just fun to be with.  A little loopy at times, but, that’s the age they are in.

We were working on some fall portraits for my sister so that she could update the portraits in her home and on her computer.  We got an absolutely gorgeous day to go shoot and the fall colors were spectacular.  I loved this spot for the dwindling path extending off into the distance. It made a great frame for the kids, as well as getting some really great softened lighting.