Darr Family Portraits

Darr Family Portrait

Two postings in two days, but that’s how it goes sometimes. As I said in my last posting, I’ve been shooting more portraits lately and that’s perfect for me. I love doing portrait work. And it was especially fun working with this family.

I’ve been photographing their son since before he made his entrance into the world. And I hope that continues long into the future. He’s such a cute kid and you can see the ornery coming out of his eyes at times. In the image with the park bench, he climbed up on it and went through a series of poses without any inhibitions (of course at his age, he hasn’t learned any).

These images were also taken at the same park where I shot Ian’s Senior Portraits. As I said earlier, this is such a beautiful park. I had to laugh to myself though. It’s senior portrait time and there must have been 10 photographers and their subjects at the park that day. At one point several of us were grouped around the entrance to the park waiting for our clients. It reminded me of a press conference with all that photographic gear. I gotta say though, photographers are a fun bunch to hang around. We’ll strike up a conversation with anyone and if you are carrying a camera we end up talking gear and images.


What a great day today

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It was a good day today. I got more things accomplished with my photography business.  I recently set up a new business domain for it and I’m working to get it deployed into my blog and photo sharing site.  In addition, I’ve been revamping the blog with a new color scheme that matches what I’ve set up on the photo sharing site.

Add to that, my mother has been fighting a health issue and it has resolved itself.  She’s in her 70s and for the most part she’s in pretty good health.  Her doctor took her off the medications she was taking to combat the issue and she’s doing much better.  I just hope that when I’m in my 70s I’m in as good of health as she is.

Then I saw this image.  It makes me laugh when I look at it.  I was taking a photo of the bride’s shoes and her husband came up to us.  I just had to throw him into the photo.  The best part is that I have him holding his pant legs up a bit so that we can see his shoes and he’s trying to stand really close to the bride, so basically, he’s falling over while I’m trying to snap a good shot. He’s a good sport, and we laughed a lot about it as it was happening.

I just love doing wedding photography. You get a chance to take part in a very special day.  You also have to think quickly on your feet as the event unfurls around you. But to me, that’s what makes it so much fun.  You have to be on your game and looking for great images.

I can’t wait until my next one!



While teaching my sister how to use her camera, we called her son and his two friends over to be our models. They were having a World Wrestling war on the trampoline in the backyard, so we asked them to sit on the wall and have a drink while we practiced metering the shot.  It amazed me how quickly they ended up laughing at one another and being so full of joy and the moment.  I dimly remember those days from my childhood.  You could see that they didn’t have a care in the world beyond which wrestling star was better than the other.

I was hoping for them to sit still long enough to pose for us, but they went far beyond any expectation I had.  They totally forgot about the two people pointing cameras at them and talking about f stops and shutter speeds.  They were more interested in figuring out if you could roll your tongue into a straw and drink from your soda without spilling anything (the boy on the right actually did that).