Black and White

Black and White

I love black and white photography. It’s where I started when I purchased my first camera. My next door neighbor where I grew up went to Ohio State University and got a degree in Medical Communication.  As part of his education, he took photography classes.  He used to come home and show me some of the things he had been doing.  I was blown away by what you could do with photography.  I decided that at some point in my life, I would get my own camera and learn how to use it.  Later, when I attended Ohio State, I got that camera and took classes on photography and photojournalism.  I  learned how to use that camera (a Minolta SRT 201) and process the black and white film myself.

 I loved being in the dark room with the safety light burning over my head. I loved the smell of the developer and fixer. I loved watching the print emerge from the developer as you lifted and lowered the developing tray. I loved bringing the images out into the regular light and really looking closely at them to see where I needed to do extra work, dodging areas that were too dark and burning in areas that were too light.  I loved getting the spot tone out and painting little dots of black on the spots that showed up on the print (today we use the clone stamp and healing brush to fix those).  I loved mounting the image onto the mat board and seeing the finished product, or seeing your images in print in the newspaper.

I miss that. I miss being in a room full of enlargers and other photographers around you working on their images. But with digital photography taking over from film photography, much easier to do all that in the computer. Now, I long for the time I spend behind the camera composing an image, really looking at the light and making sure that the image looks great and capturing the image. I look forward to getting home and getting the images into the computer so that I can start to really look at them, really start to see what needs to happen to make that a truly special image.

For these images above, I use a software tool to convert them to Black and White.  I love the way that it gets the tones just right and it also allows me to emulate different film styles, like Kodak Panatomic X 32 ASA film.  I really liked shooting that film.  It had a slow speed with a really nice fine grain to it, but the best part was the velvety blacks and luminous whites that you got from that film.  


Ohio State University Columbus Campus

I decided that since it was such a nice day, I’d go to the Ohio State University Campus in Columbus and see what new changes had taken place since the last time I was there.  I’ve been to tailgates and football games, but I don’t usually get to stroll around the campus itself.  When I was there with my son for a college visit, much of the main campus area was under construction.  The University had been updating some of the really old science buildings.  They also had just completed construction on a new recreation center that was beautiful and state of the art.  I hope they kept the smell of sweaty gym socks in the new building.  That was what the old building used to smell like.

As you can see, I took a few traditional images, but I wanted to look at campus from a different point of view and show things that you don’t normally see.  The best part was as I was heading back to my car, I went through the Mirror Lake area and the ducks and geese there are so comfortable with people that they come right up to you.  I haven’t been that close to wild waterfowl in a long time.  Even domestic geese and ducks aren’t that comfortable with people.